123HelpMe Review

123helpme and coursehero are similar apart from one significant thing. One would question the legibility of this site as they do not have any contact information in their site. People like this site for various reasons like their grading systems that is similar to that of grammarly. Others like it for the diverse essay database. According to them, they have at least four hundred thousand essay samples for each discipline in their database.

123helpme review


Prices: from 30$


Quality: tolerable


Support: 1hr+ for response


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Pricing at 123HelpMe

At 123helpme, prices are very low or do not exist at all. This sounds strange as most students would not expect this to happen. The low prices are possible because there is existing checking mechanism like Internet Fraud Complain Center. This will show one if the paper you are sold is available somewhere for free. Though this sounds amazing, there is one reason why everything is not okay as you may think. For instance, you will definitely get poor quality papers and you will not send them back. This is because the papers in their database are not their original work. To ensure you get what you order, they give you a brief introduction of the paper. Once you pay, they give you a little longer version of the paper so you can pay more.

123HelpMe Plagiarism

If you are looking for a site that will give you original papers to submit to your professor then this would not be the right site for you. All resources found on this site are prewritten and may be submitted for grading in respective institutions. In short all papers in the site are plagiarized and would only be used as guides to help you write your project.

Also, you will never get a paper that is correctly written to your specifications of your professor. All they have are essays that you will search through and if you are lucky you will find one that relates to your project and buy it. You should be aware that all papers in this site are prewritten and would not safe you in case you are in hurry. However, the quality of their papers is pretty good and would help you attain that grade you desire in your course.

123HelpMe Pricing

Pricing at 123helpme.com is likely to be better than other custom writing providers. This is so because their papers are prewritten and does not follow your specific instructions or guidelines. Thus one would expect price break accompanying this site. Existing reviews online depict this site as the cheapest site to use. For students who are having money then this site would be their best friend. But for poor college students who would not be having excessive money to spend of these online service providers, expect the price to be much lower than that quoted in their website. I would urge all students to do extensive research before going for papers in this site. Otherwise you will be disappointed a lot.

123HelpMe Trial Period

Although they claim there is a free two day trial, it is not actually free in real sense. You sign up in the hope of accessing papers free in their trial period but once you are through you are asked to pay two dollars. Worse still is that you get access to useless papers that end up leaving you knowledge bank worse than it was.

Before using this site, you should really analyze the amount of money you would like to use. This system has in place automatic monthly subscriptions that will deduct money from your credit card every single month even if you are not using their services. Many students have complained about the system lacking an option of cancelling their subscription. Once you subscribe, it will be hard to cancel since the system has no ways of contacting support team to cancel for you. It seems they are greedy for money even when they do not offer services to students. It is a bit of a scam since in their whole website you will never find their contact.

Refund and Revision Policy

The system is among the sites that have difficult or impossible refunding policy around. You will never get refunded even if you email them right after subscription. The company is associated with a lot of challenges ranging from refund to cancellation of subscription. It will take them a century to cancel your subscription. Note that within the time when processing you cancellation, your money will still be deducted.


The basic question one would be asking is if the site is safe to use. Tough one will get varying opinions about the question of the site safety; there are few positive reviews about the site. One of such positive reviews is existence of diverse database full of academic papers for students. A student will only key in the right words and get instant access to the right papers for his/her desired topic. On the other hand, many students have complained of poor services they get from the support team. There is no provision of contact details or physical address posing danger to users as they have no channel to reach them in case of concerns or complains. Despite having no provision of communication channels, the site has automatic money deductions from credit cards and cancelling such deductions is not easy. Students should be keen while using this site.

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