EssayBot Review

As a student, you might have come across essay bot in your search of custom writing services to help you meet your academic assignment. Sometimes you are pressed with time or you want to achieve a certain grade in your course then custom writing companies should be your perfect friend. Essaybot is specifically unique from other writing companies since it is powered by artificial intelligence. This is very interesting in the writing industry and is likely to draw attention of many students who would like to give it a try.

essaybot review


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How EssayBot works

If you are a student intending to get a human writer at essaybot then you are likely to get disappointed. This is because the company has no human writer to handle your essay. Instead, it guides you through the necessary process for your writing assignment. At this company all you need is to key in the right title of your assignment or article and artificial intelligence (AI) will do the rest of gathering and paraphrasing your work. The work produced through this means is sketchy and is not a guarantee that you will get the right work you need. This service does not work for all kinds of assignment but only essay.

Essaybot Plagiarism

Essay bot does not produce contents from scratch but they rely on other sources to produce new content. Mostly, they make use of Google content and paraphrase using artificial intelligence. It will be difficult for a student to rely fully of the content they get from this site. It is meant to act a s a source of motivation and a guide for students towards completing their assignment.

The content from this site is 100% unique. However, students should not submit it to their professors directly for grading. This is because the content sometimes doesn’t conform to your instructions and will only guide you on what you are supposed to do. If you use it directly they way it is from the site, then you risk losing marks in your final grading.

How to Copy from EssayBot

Have you ever imagined how it would be nice copying from essaybot. That is what many students hope it would be possible. Unfortunately, copying from this site is not possible but you can only use inspect elements like Cntr+Shift+I when using chrome browser. If that does not work for you, you can try using paid subscriptions.

Essay bot information on Reddit

I tried hard to find if I can get information about this site on reddit unfortunately there was none. If you would go ahead and create one, you will be the first one to create such information about them on reddit.

Is EssayBot Content Free?

You don’t expect to get content from writing website like essaybot for free. The only difference between this site and other custom writing services is that at essaybot you only subscribe monthly. Once you subscribe at this site, you will be granted unlimited access for their content at agreed price. Even after subscription, you will still have some challenges trying to use their content. This is because they do not have a detailed guide for their users. You will have to do some research before you understand their site better.

My extensive search showed that essaybot gives first time users seven days of free use. This is cool for students. After that, you will pay $49 for the first month and then pay $99 for subsequent months. Thus is not favorable for students who have little income. But if your income is okay you can try using their services.

Revision and Refund Policy

Since content from essaybot is AI generated, you will never get a refund on your money. Also, revision is not possible as even if you request for revision you will get the same content. There is no need to necessarily seek for revision from them instead you should try fixing the content to suite your interest. On the issue of refund, I don’t think whether you will ever get a refund as you only subscribe for a whole month and not on that particular essay. If you are not satisfied with their services you simply cancel your subscription with them.

EssayBot Content

With regard to quality, things at essay bot are not such impressive because the system pulls information from Google and paraphrase it for you. It is up to you to go through the content and make the right adjustment. If you plug in some files to the system, you will realize that the system only makes some changes to some few words but the whole content looks similar.

Customer Service

Students are advised to look for custom writing providers with efficient communication channels. This will enable you to access them in case you need to communicate with them. In case you have difficulty in downloading or editing your assignment, you need to contact them. With essay bot, it will be easier for them to talk about it than doing it. On the website homepage, you will only get a physical address to their offices and a toll free phone together with an email address. The company does not give provision of a live chat nor email for every department. Unlike other companies with presence in the popular social media platforms, essaybot has no link in any social media platform. It will be difficult for clients to know the time clients will take to respond to your query. This will not help customers whose concern need urgent attention.


Essay bot is a new entrant in the writing industry that provides artificial intelligence tool to help individuals write faster produced personalized contents. In accommodates everyone including digital marketing team, enterprises, content writers and social influencers. The good news is that even for individuals looking forward to building their own blog will benefit from this system as the system has a wide variety of content for your selection.

The AI product in essaybot is meant to help individuals write on anything they will think about without struggling. As a result, you will not have to select on a particular topic to begin writing from that end. Recently, the product added sales and marketing topics that will be useful to companies and other startups in the business world.

However, when it comes to college students, the story might be different. This is because the system will not provide them with readymade assignments to submit to their respective instructors. The content obtained from this site requires that a student goes through it to make the necessary adjustments to meet their requirements. Sometimes, the content generated from this site is not that purely original. Despite the few challenges associated with this site, there are some features desired by many. Ideally, the website has a good design and this kind of service delivery will be the best in the near future.

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