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Essaypro is one of the custom writing service providers who use bidding system as their main techniques of giving clients writing services. For those who have visited the site or sought assistance from the site would agree that the task of finding perfect writers for a given task is left to the clients. For clients who know how to select the right writers at a low cost are advantageous while those who may not be aware of ways of identifying a good writer are disadvantaged. This system has worked perfectly well for essay pro clients and writers for years.

essaypro review


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Website Interface

Though the company designed their site hoping it will be beneficial to both writers and clients, it has however, shown that it is the worst ever. The design intended to easy work for clients while placing and monitoring the progress of their orders. The company has the following main pages, the customer’s page used by customers while interacting with the system. The other page is the writers’ page that is available for all writers within the system. Writers who have applied to the company and have been approved have their page where they manage assigned orders. Finally, there is the administration page. This is the most essential and private page found within essaypro. The page would only be viewed by the top officials within the company. This is the page that keeps the system going and controls all administrative positions of the company. All the pages work together to achieve the main objective of the company.

Like other companies, essay pro has an independent body that monitors all operations within the system. Apart from having an independent party, the system is supplemented with rules that further help in directing the system. Without administrative section, all activities in the company may not run well.

Are Essaypro Writers Worth a Customer’s Trust?

The backbone of any writing company lies in the ability of writers to produce quality work. In essaypro, the company has acquired qualified writers who have successfully undergone through their tough interview. All writers have attained a minimum of academic qualification set by the Company. The company expects all writers to have attained at least a degree in their academic qualification. With such qualified writers, one would expect their work to be of high quality. However, that is not the case as most of their writers produce substandard work. This might be as a result of these writers coming from non-native speaking countries like India, Ukraine and Kenya. Their first language greatly affects their writing skills.

Having majority of their writers as non-native speakers, assignments obtained from them is full of errors. Editors who are also non-native English speakers fail to point out the mistakes in assignments submitted to clients. Complex assignments that need deep understanding of the English language is a challenge to non-native English speakers. Due to their inability to digest order instructions well, they end-up giving irrelevant papers. These kinds of assignments end up failing students in their respective courses.

Is Essay Pro a Legit Custom Writing Website

Essaypro gives their clients false assurance of their privacy. They are fully aware of the attitudes tutors have towards students who cheat in examination or get help with their assignments. They understand that some tutors hate students who are helped because they believe that more half-baked professionals would be released to the market making the situation worse than before. Despite all the risk associated with academic writing, customer details are still leaked to the writers who at times threaten to report students to their professors. Despite the challenges mentioned above, Essaypro is legit in providing quality services to students.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Assignment Done?

Considering other companies in the industry, essaypro seems to have prices that are in the middle not too high or not too low. Their minimum price for a one page essay is twelve dollars but one would get cheaper services out there. For individuals looking for cheaper services out there, this might not be the best option for you. Before going for cheaper services, note that cheapness is associated with poor quality. The middle price at essaypro shows that they have qualified writers who will handle your project professionally and meet desired quality. However, as your project’s demand increases, you are likely to pay more. So you need to be keen on what you really want and the amount you will comfortably pay.

Essay pro is not one of those writing companies that would give clients discount for buying huge assignments. This is quite disappointing for clients who wish to place many papers or even dissertations. Though this does not make client’s paper reduce the value of their money, it is a disappointment since there are several cheaper service providers out there.

Customer Support

Students who seek online assistance for their assignments have little time to balance both academic and other responsibilities outside college. Therefore, they need extremely faster services when placing their order to custom writing companies. This never happens at essay pro. Communication systems at essaypro are extremely slow and clients would take several minutes while placing orders. This will cost them both their time and money.

Policy on Refund and Revision

There are situations when customers feel that they should do the work on their own and cancels their contract with essay pro. Students who work with essay pro find it rough while trying to get a refund of their money. This is because at essaypro there is nothing like refund and students will end up paying for services they never got. Essaypro is thus unfair for charging their customers for services not delivered in real sense. In case you think you might go for a refund in future, then avoid placing your orders at this Company.


Any bidding system works perfect if the system has good selection criteria for writers. This is lacking at essay pro since most of their writers have poor writing skills. This shows that the company has poor selection methods for their writers. You will never get a good paper at essay pro no matter the amount of money you pay. Also, this company does not value confidentiality as other companies out there. Students should therefore avoid working with this company to avoid being penalized by their respective colleges because their personal information is leaked to the public. Once the paper is completed, customers are never given a chance of suggesting amendments showing that they never give their customers real value for huge amount of money they pay. This is the online company in the industry that denies clients the right to make claims on their orders. Despite offering low quality papers to their customers, the company still manages to ask for high amount of money from clients. This is an economic damage to customers who deserves the best from any writing company.

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