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Essay typer is totally different from other custom writing companies. Unlike other sites that sell assignments to students, it is designed to help students write their own assignments. However, students should be keen while using this site as it derives its resources from other sources like Wikipedia. Meaning a student can easily be accused of plagiarism if you are not careful. Students need to be aware that plagiarism is a serious offence in academic world and is penalized heavily. Even in the site, they have indicated clearly that you should be careful not to use what comes out during your search the way it is exactly but make some changes to it.

essaytyper review


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Website Interface

Because of its structure, it becomes hard to qualify essay typer as useful. The site is designed in such a way that users just type in their topic and the system begins to type. After a short while it presents to you some suggestions of what you will expect next. Though it is very hard to buy a whole project or dissertation from them, they can guide you through your whole assignment or project. The basic reason why this tool was created was to guide scholars when they are stack. Many students have experienced a situation where they are stack with their assignment having no idea what is expected of them. Tying this tool will help you overcome this challenge. But for those students who wish to get complete help with their assignment might be disappointed with it and they have to look for help elsewhere.

Using Essaytyper

Essaytyper is the strangest software developed so far. You do not expect to receive a quality assignment from this software for grading but only guides. Information obtained from this site is exactly what you will get in Wikipedia. Students use it as a roadmap for their assignment. Students are advised to use it wisely while carrying out their writing assignments.

Customer Support

There is nothing like customer support in this website. However, the website developer has placed their social media link. But still there is communication limit since twitter has regulated the amount of words one will use in a single conversation. Since the site is free to use, expect little time devoted to answering your questions. Even when your question is not answered you should not complain as you are being favored to use a site for free without benefitting the developer. Even when you finally decide to shoot the founder an email don’t have high expectation of getting a feedback. People engage in more profitable venture and leave non-profitable ventures a side. And since this is equally non-profitable, then expect little chances getting any feedback.

Plagiarism in Essaytyper

You do not expect contents from free online software like essaytyper to be totally unique. The site regenerates its content from other online sites like Wikipedia. As a result, there are high chances of it being plagiarized and not suitable for grading. However, its content is still useful for students to know how to go about doing their writing assignment. Students who are serious with their studies will only use it as a guide and not as the actual producer for the final assignment. Even when the content is unique without plagiarism, don’t use it as your original assignment. Treat it as a guide towards completing your assignment.

Pricing at Essaytyper

Essay typer is a free tool that no one should complain about anything not even plagiarism should student complain about. It is a favor for students and you only get what you pay for. Since you don’t pay for this software, then you have no point of complaining. However, for students who need a decent essay, they have to dig deep in their pocket to get their assignment done in the most decent way.


Essay typer should not be regarded as one of the serious custom writing provider in the industry. The site gives students zero assurance of scoring high in their respective courses. It just replicates what is found in Wikipedia and nothing of value you will get from the site. Though it is free, its production of plagiarism content is a big disappointment and a waste of time to the site visitors. Also, the site does not have responsible support team to address your issues even if it Is a free site. Generally, this site is a big disappointment to students. One should not even think of discovering a free useful online tool for assignment help.

For most students who depend on online writing websites to help them with their assignments should not depend on this site. This is because the site won’t provide enough information to help you pass your course but only provide you with plagiarized content. However, for those who need guidance then it will be of help to them. This site comes with several titles that are not organized and would rarely relate to your topic of concern. As a result, it is hard to tell if the system will be of help in academic world. Those in hurry with their assignment should not even think of stopping at this site as it will further help in wasting their time. If you are not keen with this site, you will end up writing and presenting irrelevant content to your professor for marking. If you wish to have problems with your instructor then you should rely on this site to produce your papers for grading.

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