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Paper tater is a new company in academic industry that provides proofreading services to students and any individuals who may need their service. This site seems interesting and anyone would wish to see how this works to review your work professionally. Apart from looking at the site, we also went through online reviews to see how this site exactly works. According to the site owner, the site they developed is capable of looking at grammar mistakes. After realizing mistakes on your work, they will provide you with suggestions on ways to correct it. In addition, it will give show you the extent to which your paper is plagiarized. Since the site is new in the writing industry, we did not find any testimonials by users yet. Despite developers claiming the system is capable of detecting and correcting all errors in your work, it appears that it is not yet fully developed as it was not able to pick on some small errors.

paperrater review


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Quality: poor


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Website Interface

In the site, there is integrated spelling and grammar checker that analyzes your whole document. After analyzing, it will then flag all your mistakes and offers you the necessary suggestions. This process takes approximately, ten minutes. Despite the system being an automatic proofreader, users are assured that their work will not be compromised. In the system, you will also get an automatic scoring rating for you to analyze your writing quality.

To avoid the risk of plagiarism, the site offers a free plagiarism detector to show you were you have copied content directly from the site. There is an additional vocabulary builder in the site that will help all students build their vocabulary. This site is, therefore, appropriate for all students to try out. This feature is intended to help any user of their site in learning all sophisticated words in the in English language and use them correctly while writing their assignments.

Proofreader in Paper Rater

Students who want their work proofread by this site enters their work in a special box developed by this company. Right after placing their text in the box, the machine begins to run immediately and highlight all the errors you might have developed in the course of your writing. The machine checks grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors for you. This sounds great for students as you will never have the headache of going through your work manually.

Plagiarism Checker in PaperRater

While writing your assignment, you might have used several online sources to get the right information for your assignment. While doing this, you will copy and paste information from the internet without your knowledge. The site has special software that compares your text with millions of WebPages online and highlights contents that are similar so you could make necessary adjustments.

The Cost of Using Paper Rater

The site has two packages for its clients, premium and Basic. If you will decide on basic, you will only get grammar, plagiarism, spelling and writing suggestions. You will also get your writing score so you could know where your skills lie. In this package, you will not submit a paper that is longer than five pages.

When it comes to premium features, you will get all this features but very advanced and clients are allowed to submit papers that are as long as 20 pages. Basic service is free for all clients but for premium, you will have to pay 7.95 dollars every month. One reason why I liked this proofreading service is that it does not have special charges for different levels of education. This is very important unlike other companies that will charge you depending on your academic level and the complexity of your paper. In case you want to proofread your major papers using this site, you are advised to use premium package. It will help you point our all mistakes you might have made in your paper. Those willing to get unlimited submissions will have to subscribe for $14.95 for every month.

Customer and Writers Support

So far, there is no customer agent or writers agents in the site. This is because all the services you receive from this site are generated by artificial intelligence. The site also continues to improve its services to ensure the customers get the best out of their website. However, customers are requested to give feedback on the kind of services they get or on any error they encounter while getting their work proofread. This will help them improve further on providing services by adding more codebase.

General Advise to Users

When you decide on getting grammar checking software for your assignment, it is important for you to know if real people getting service from it are satisfied. For you to get the right information that will help you make the right decision, you have to use a behavior based customer rating website. At this website, you will find a lot of customer reviews on the quality of a given service from all media sites. The data will then be presented in the right way for your understanding. You know the exact number of people who have used the software and how many of them were satisfied as well as those who were not satisfied. Having that information at your finger tips, you are likely to make an informed decision that you will live to appreciate yourself for.


From online reviews, we were able to identify that the site is safe for use. Your text will never get compromised while using this software to proofread your work. Their payment method is handled by a third-party SSL-certified processor. Comparing this site with other established sites like grammarly, we found that this site is an infant in the industry. However, it has great features and offers for trying out and you can decide to use bot free and fee-based subscriptions. Their subscriptions are not that expensive and won’t cost you a fortune. Based on our review and other reviews out there, we fairly recommend their services to students.

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