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StudyDaddy is an online homework helper operating for more than five years online and 12 years in general. That period is significant and, for sure, such a service managed to gain some reputation among its users from various countries. They do provide different homework help services, such as paper writing and others, and have a very big staff consisting of professional writers holding Ph.D. and Master’s degrees. Their experience and professionalism seem to be significant, but what about the quality of their services? Are they worth your time and money? We have prepared a detailed StuddyDaddy review and would love to share our expert opinion with you.

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Prices: from $10


Quality: good


Support: quick response


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Services and how it works

StudyDaddy is not just a custom writing service. They provide homework help in 40 disciplines. If you open their website and scroll it down till the very end, you can find the list of the disciplines to get homework help in. There is no separate category devoted to their services, and you can click on the necessary discipline only and ask your question. Necessary to admit their system is simple and wonderful. There is no list of the assignments to choose from or select. The only thing you do is the choice of discipline and writing your question. After that, you can invite one of the writers and make a deposit. The prices are very different; you can select yours or accept the price of the writer. There is a great option for a chat with the writer you consider. You can ask any question, whatever you are interested in, your assignment.

Thus, you are not limited to anything, with the discipline, topic, or deadline. You just submit your question, deadline, have a chance to choose your writer, and select your cost. We found this system really unique and convenient. It’s difficult to find other homework help services offering such a system to students.


To check the quality of their StudyDaddy works, we have requested a research paper on the topic of the writer’s choice but related to the Japanese Youth Cultures of 8 pages, double-spaced, Size 12, including references. Our deadline was five days. Not a short and not a long one. This paper cost us $50. We received it on the 4th day (1 day earlier than we requested by the way), and it was of very good quality. All the guidelines were followed by the writer, and the references were up-to-date and relevant. We did not find any mistakes or typos; it was written precisely. It was obvious that the writer double-checked the paper. It didn’t need any additional revisions even. We were happy with the quality and price, too, by the way.

Customer support

StudyDaddy doesn’t have any online chats or phone lines on their site. The only feedback they offer is their online contact form or email. Although it is not even necessary because you can communicate with your writer directly in a special chat when placing your question, we decided to write on their email to check how responsive they are. We got a reply in about 2 hours, and they kindly answered all of our questions. Customer support works well. However, since their system is absolutely not standard and unique, you will hardly need to use their customer support at all. Everything you would love to know can be easily discussed right with your writer. Maybe some of you will find this system unusual and difficult to get used to, but it really works, and we admit it works well!

Prices and discounts

Prices are a separate story on StudyDaddy. Just as you cannot find the Services section on their site, you won’t be able to find the Prices section as well. However, don’t think it is not because they hide something from you or are not really transparent with their users. The reason is that you select your price or just accept the price offered by the writer. It is really convenient, isn’t it? Since the system is built this way, there are no discounts or special offers because you simply do not need them. You just select the price you think is affordable for you or reasonable for your task or question. If you do not like the price offered by the writer, you do not accept it, and that’s it.


We believe that StudyDaddy is an absolutely unique homework helping service, and it is difficult to find analogs or alternatives to it. It is affordable because all you need is to select your price or choose the offered ones. There are no tariffs on this service. You are not limited by your deadlines or topics; you simply write what you need to be done and do not have any boundaries. You do not even need customer support or discounts because you communicate with your writer one-on-one. The quality of their works is great, so we definitely recommend StudyDaddy as one of the best paper writing and homework help services and give it a 5/5 rating.

Client Testimonials


Rate: 3

I’ve spent some time before I was able to find the proper writer. They found my price too low, and I didn’t like theirs. Eventually, I could agree on the price and get my assignment done.

Lisa Choo

Rate: 5

I have used StudyDaddy already three times and am absolutely satisfied with that service. After them, I can’t already use other “standard” writing services, and I am so used to that great system.

Ralph Kochen

Rate: 4

I often use paper writing services due to the lack of my time. I’ve used this one to complete my essay in literature. Maybe my bid was a bit low for the writers, and that’s why I had to wait a bit until someone agrees to write my assignment.


Rate: 5

I am not good at math at all, so I applied to StudyDaddy to find someone to complete my tasks. I found the proper writer at once, we discussed the details of my question, and he started to work on it right then. The result was great. I got an A+ for my multiple-choice questions and am more than happy with it.

Mike F.

Rate: 5

I use different homework help all the time, so I know how to distinguish a good service from a poor one. StudyDaddy is my favorite homework assistant among all of them. It really means a good quality/price ratio and is created with students in mind.


Rate: 4

I have used StudyDaddy twice, and both times everything was done well and on-time. I just don’t like it when you place your question and select your price, and you can wait for some time until someone accepts it. Better to select your writer at once.

Rudy H.

Rate: 5

I am happy with what and how they do and thankful for each of my homework in math and computer sciences. I will definitely use them again and again.

Nora Malay

Rate: 4

Nice service, I just found it difficult at once to get used to their system but learned quickly how to get your problem solved.


Rate: 5

I am happy with my lab report from StudyDaddy and will surely use them again if I need homework help.

Windy Harris

Rate: 5

StudyDaddy simply saved my life, nerves, time, and money. I’ve used similar homework help before but did get an extremely expensive essay of a poor quality written by some student who probably wasn’t even a native English speaker. My experience with that service was excellent and more than pleasant compared to others, so I know I will use it again once I struggle with my homework.

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