UKEssays: Is This Service Worth A Shot?

The UKEssays is an extremely popular writing service not only in the United Kingdom but also in other countries. The company provides clients with a wide range of services, such as writing different types of papers and essays. They claim that you can order a paper of any type and level of complexity. Also, there is a list of solid guarantees that make clients feel safe and confident.

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Prices: from $58


Quality: poor


Support: 2hr+ for response


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The website looks great at first sight. When you open the site, you will see the caption like “world’s best writers are working here” and “we guarantee the highest grade for your paper”. It makes you feel like you are in the right place. There are a lot of suspiciously positive customers’ reviews on the service. That is why we decided to research the Internet and find real UKEssays’ clients.

In this article, you will see our review of the UKEssays writing company. We analyzed the website usability, quality of services, and customer support service. That is why you can trust our words without worrying about their credibility. We will discuss the company from A to Z.

Website usability and protection

To cut a long story short, the site page did not impress us. The website looks very strange because the design is unattractive. Most likely, the developers tried to do something innovative to make the service different from others. However, the design in dark colors is not comfortable for the eyes.

As for usability, the website cannot boast of good. During page scrolling, it hung several times, and we could not do anything. Sometimes the service restarts on its own, and you need to enter some information again. This is not safe because the site may stop during checkout.

Some customers admit that they received attacks on their bank account after placing an order on the UKEssays website. We could not verify this because we ordered only one assignment. However, you should be careful.

Quality and the range of services

To check the quality of services, we ordered an argumentative essay. Any student can handle this type of academic writing. UKEssays states that all of their writers are professionals with extensive experience. Therefore, we expected to get a high-quality paper.

However, after delivering the essay, we were disappointed. The writer did not follow our requirements, so the essay was not formatted correctly. Moreover, the contractor chose the wrong format, which is unacceptable. It's amazing that at least the topic of the essay was correct!

As for the text of the essay, we were also dissatisfied. Firstly, it had four paragraphs, which are different from the standard structure. Secondly, in the text, we found eight grammatical errors. Most likely, professional editors would find them much more. In general, the quality of writing services is very low, and it does not match the price.

Customer support service

Customer support works very mediocrely. The service promises to answer your questions at any time of the day. However, in fact, we waited more than 6 hours until a specialist connected to the conversation! Moreover, after two reports, the consultant stopped answering questions.

With grief in half, we were able to contact a good specialist. This shows that only some UKEssays employees are qualified and have enough experience. The consultant helped us figure out the checkout process, and even suggested connecting us with the writers. However, we did not do this, so we cannot say whether this is possible.

In general, it is impossible to evaluate the work of the support service. It all depends on your luck and the ability to wait.


We paid $ 58 for a one-page essay. It is worth noting that we indicated a deadline of 3 days to evaluate the writer's ability to work quickly. However, $ 58 is a fairly high price. For example, you can order the same service for 25-35 dollars, using other writing services.

UKEssays does not offer discounts to new customers. This is unfair since it is difficult for customers to pay a large amount for orders right away. Keep in mind that you cannot split the payment several times.

Let's discuss the return policy. We tried to issue a refund because the quality of the paper was very poor. However, neither the consultants nor the information on the website helped us do this. Judging by the reviews, only a few customers can get a partial refund.

Conclusion and some comments from customers

UKEssays writing service showed great promise in the beginning. However, we were disappointed with the quality of services, customer support, and high prices. The website of the service does not look attractive, and it is hard to find the necessary information. Frankly speaking, it is a really bad value for money.

Client Testimonials


Rate: 2

Poor quality of services for such a high price! Their customer support service works well, but it cannot help you.


Rate: 1

Give my money back right away! I paid 65 dollars for the essay, but I have not received it!


Rate: 3

Good paper quality and customer support. The website is not easy to use, but you will figure out how to place an order.


Rate: 1

The worst writing assistance I have ever seen! All the money down the drain. I got a low-quality paper, and the writer missed the deadline. Moreover, I cannot apply even for a partial refund.


Rate: 3

Good quality of papers but too high prices. If the prices were a bit lower, I would use this writing company on an ongoing basis.


Rate: 1

I am furious. The writer missed the deadline, but he did not even apologize! I could not contact the customer support service because all the consultants are always busy. Don’t even think about this service.


Rate: 2

The only thing I like about that company is its website. It is convenient and easy to use. However, I paid for my assignment, not for the website. Their prices are probably the highest on the Internet, but the quality of papers is disgusting.


Rate: 5

I did not expect to get such a great essay! The amount of money I paid is fully justified. I will recommend this company to all my friends.


Rate: 2

I expected to get at least a middle-quality essay for such a price. However, the writer did not follow my requirements. I got the paper on time, but I had to order additional editing and proofreading.


Rate: 1

Avoid this fraud company! They just took my money and did not give anything in return! There is no opportunity to get a refund.

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